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"Professional, multifaceted, insightful." These are the words that best describe Time Well Spent Productions®; a turn key, on-demand voice over company with over 25 years of experience in the talent business. Representing the talents of Voice and On-Camera actor Peter Daoust, TWS Productions specializes in providing professional talent on time, and on budget.

Looking for a compelling and recognizable character voice for your next television or radio ad? Peter Daoust can deliver a wide variety of authentic celebrity voice impressions that will grab your ear and capture your attention.

In need of a commanding voice narration for your next business presentation or conference? Peter Daoust has delivered hundreds of presentation narrations for leading companies like General Motors, Kellogg, Kmart, and more.

Whatever your voice talent needs may be, Peter Daoust will provide them with professional quality and on-time delivery. Give us a chance to change the way people view your business or organization by contacting us today. I promise that once we connect, it will be Time Well Spent.


Let Time Well Spent Productions put your needs into perspective.
We offer comprehensive solutions for all of your voice talent needs, including (but not limited to) the following services and applications:

  • Celebrity voice impersonations (including a variety of accents and dialects)
  • Video Game and Cartoon Character Voice Acting
  • Pre-recorded voice prompts for telephone voice automation
  • On-Camera Acting and Documentary Narration
  • Corporate Presentation (Recorded Audio or Live Narration)
  • E-learning, Online Tutorials, and Audio Book Narrations
  • Telephone On-Hold Narration and Voice Prompts
  • TV and Radio Promo Voice Acting (Commercial and Infomercial)
  • Other great features:
  • Free same-day custom auditions
  • Free, no obligation consulting
  • Professional Studio Equipment
  • Want to record at your studio, no problem!
  • Talent referrals per request
  • Clients Served:
  • Michigan Department of Health
  • Otsego Club & Resort
  • Remerica Real Estate
  • Art Van
  • GM (General Motors)
  • Actos Medical
  • Michigan Lottery
  • Motor City Casino
  • FORD Motor Company
  • Detroit Tigers
  • Harley Davidson
  • Greek Town Casino
  • ... and many more


  • Peter Daoust as Rodney Dangerfield from Caddyshack

    Known for his self-deprecating humor and famous one-liners like "I don't get no respect!", Rodney Dangerfield is a comedy legend in American history. Depicted here as outspoken and obnoxious golfer Al Czervik in the classic '80's comedy Caddyshack, Peter Daoust illustrates Rodney in his true form, disgruntled yet loveably funny. Click the play button below to hear a voice sample!

  • Peter Daoust as Marlon Brando from
    The Godfather

    Considered by many as the greatest movie actor
    of all time, Marlon Brando has starred in such
    classics as On the Waterfront, Superman,
    and Apocalypse Now. Most notably,
    Brando played Don Vito Corleone
    in the New York Mafia film
    The Godfather.

    Peter Daoust portrays Brando in
    one of his greatest roles, as the soft spoken
    patriarch of the Corleone dynasty.

  • Peter Daoust as Al Pacino from Scarface

    In the 1983 epic crime drama Scarface, actor Al Pacino plays a Cuban immigrant named Tony Montana. Violently ambitious, the refugee-turned-drug dealer aggressively climbs the cocaine cartel ladder until his arrogance caught up with him, leading to his ultimate demise. Peter Daoust gives you a humorous twist on the ruthless drug dealer known as Tony Montana.

  • Peter Daoust as Old Scruffy, the cowboy

    As an iconic symbol of the Old West, Ol' Scruffy has been through his share of gun slinging shootouts and rustling cattle out on the range. His whiskey lined breath and rope-warn hands are all part of his scruffy old cowboy personality. Peter Daoust portrays this
    gold rush desperado for the seasoned old-timer that he is.

  • Peter Daoust as Ghandi of India

    As a minister of peace and an ideological leader of India, the great Mahatma Gandhi has international recognition for his incredible achievements and philosophies. Like many distinguished figures in history, Peter Daoust has studied the ways of Gandhi, and modified his teachings of peace and non-violence, to include humor as well.

  • Peter Daoust as Jackie Mason, the Comedian

    Voted as one of the greatest stand-up comedians of all time, Jackie Mason starred in the movie Caddyshack II and is also known as the "Ultimate Jew". Coincidentally, Peter Daoust is actually good friends with Jackie, who he still visits on occasion while in New York. Here, Peter captures the uniqueness of his good friend Jackie and his signature Yiddish accent.

  • Peter Daoust as Jack Nicholson, the actor

    Often seen sporting a shark's grin and dark sunglasses, American icon Jack Nicholson and his seemingly neurotic yet charming on-screen mannerisms are unmistakable. With his loud personality and a slow, yet eccentric drawl, Nicholson is renowned for his star roles in American blockbuster films. Peter Daoust recreates Jack's seemingly bizarre candor.


Collaboration and talent insight is something we value greatly here at Time Well Spent Productions®. Furthermore, we love talking with people who are excited and interested in the world of voice acting. If you have questions about voice acting, or are looking for further insight on what TWS Productions can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thanks for listening.

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